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Carrying the furniture

Full movie length: 35 minutes Production date: Jan 8, 2019 Full movie price: US$ 15.99 Babi Ventura | Demmi | Isabel Pack with: 1 clips
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It’s finally moving day and just when Babi and Demmi think it’s everything okay to be taken to the new house, they discover Isabel is so loose that she didn’t prepare anything yet. Angry about it, they decide to teach her a lesson and instead of carrying just the furniture, she will have to lift and carry them both too! They make her lift the sofa with them sitting on it and even play her like a poney, carrying them on her back. Isabel feels pain in every corner of her body having to carry these two hot ladies all over the room and in the end, having to take all the furniture to the truck that’s waiting to do the moving. Do you think she can handle all of it?

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