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Training my new horse

Full movie length: 34 minutes Production date: Dec 11, 2018 Full movie price: US$ 15.99 MARCELLA SCHULTZ | Amandinha | Jennifer Avila Pack with: 1 clips
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Jennifer is tired and bored of waiting for Marcella. As she finally gets at Jennifer’s house, she explains that her new horse is not as fast as she wanted it to be. As a good friend, Jenni tests Marcella’s new horse, Amandinha, and confirms that she’s not doing her job in the way she should. The two friends decide to train Amandinha so she can satisfy their needs. They get carried and lifted from one side to another a lot of times, making sure the horse is learning her lesson and, of course, without the right to complain not even for a little second.

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THE BET May 22, 2013
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